Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jerry Brewer kinda, sorta misses the mark

Judging by the comments, I'd say Jerry Brewer doesn't exactly have his finger on the pulse of the Seattle sports scene.

Great work though, Jerry. I agree that NBA franchises should be awarded based on who has the nicest waitresses and whether or not you have friends in the area.
"I still think the market is too small for long-term NBA success unless the Thunder becomes a perennial contender. Nevertheless, I'm now convinced that Oklahoma City deserves an NBA franchise."
Damn, that chick must have been pretty hot for you to come up with some logic like that. Now that you mention it, I remember trying to order some food in Seattle one time and a waitress was like, "Hey aren't you that douchebag everybody hates?" What a bitch. I guess big cities just don't have any nice people, right? That's why I think the Knicks should move to Winfield, Kansas where my Aunt lives. That woman is a saint.