Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Wanksgiving

How does one pick a turkey? I was told a good measuring stick is if it doesn't fit readily into your 59FIFTY fitted, then it's excessive for a traditional family of 5, or a nontraditional family of 11 Darnell Mayberry's.


Anonymous said...

This blog is losing interest like seattle residents interest in getting a new basketball team.

Anonymous said...

Seattle fans still reference the Sonics almost daily on sports radio as we discuss our local teams. The memories run so deep, 41 years of history does not vanish over night. Enjoy your new team, I think Clayboy picked your colors from his favorite float in the 08 pride parade! Good luck keeping free agents in OKC as well, we all know how much rich young black men love spending time in red state truck stops! On a side note I saw the ad on your blog about "maintaining the sanctity of marriage", you would probably be surprised to find out that the most recent census found that Oklahoma has the 5th highest rate of divorce in the nation. Can't wait for Gary to be inducted into the hall of fame, that should be interesting, stay tuned.