Friday, January 2, 2009


My New Year's resolution was two-fold this year. One, to not invest most everything I have into my own foresight and ability, and two, to start acting like an owner who knows how to win and who's been there before. That's why tonight's win didn't rattle me at all- 2.7 seconds on the clock and Desmond Mason enters to fancy the shit out of the team D and stifle perimeter threats with his sensitive demeanor? Trap game. Secured by our learned and savvy 4th quarter endgame, I promptly switched off Brian Davis' frantic one man symphony of beeps, whistles and purrs, picked up the phone, and immediately went all-in on CHK. Why? Because Presti is my new finance guy and told me blowing up my portfolio and not diversifying is what Kevin Pritchard would do. Oh, and he also told me resolutions are for crybaby assholes. I didn't get it either, but did you "find" Tony Parker in the late first round? Case-closed hotshot.

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