Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quote of the Week

From Stuart Scott, during halftime of the May 10 Rockets-Lakers game:
"We mistakenly said the elbow thrown by Kobe Bryant was to the neck area. It was not. The league clearly said the elbow was thrown to the chest area, not the neck."
Wow, it must be cool to have the league office do all your thinking for you. What's good, critical thought?

BONUS: Here is a list of things Stuart Scott has actually said on the air, apparently in reference to sports. You will not be disappointed. The best part is that you can click on the quotes and the author will actually explain the context and origin of each one. Among my favorites:

"I put the bat up on that pitch, and I hit, I hit, I hit."

"Who 'dat? It's just my baby's daddy."

"Stop. Drop. Shut 'em down. Open up shop."

"Wow! That one's as hardcore as the Wu-Tang Clan on steroids!"

"Michael, Michael, Michael, can't you see. Sometimes your threes just hypnotize me."

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