Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We'd like to join Chinese basketball fans and American corporations alike in congratulating 2009 Kobe Bryant for an amazing season and for finally winning the NBA's ultimate prize: the Finals MVP Trophy. Congratulations as well go to the Lakers, and to Pau Gasol for being good enough to win a title yet not charismatic enough to command too much limelight. Well played.

But we would also like to extend our congratulations to the Daily Thunder, who just yesterday claimed an NBA title of their very own:
"Something I was thinking about - The Lakers claim 15 titles. Five of those titles came while they were the Minneapolis Lakers. So if that counts, then I’m ready and fully willing to take that 1979 NBA title and count it. I didn’t feel right about it before, but seeing as one of the greatest sports franchises ever is doing it, I guess it is alright."
Well, I can't argue with his reasoning. I wonder why he felt wrong about it in the first place. Not sure exactly what he means when he says he's gonna "count it" all of a sudden, and how that might alter his interpretation of actual events. What does that mean on a practical level? Is he just gonna start pretending that the 1979 title was won by a team in OKC named the Thunder? Because that's what I do now and it's awesome. I just repeated it over and over to myself enough times to the point that I now literally believe it to be true. Now I brag about it to all my idiot friends. I'm all, "welcome to TitleTown USA, chumps!" and then I start feeling really great about myself. There's just a certain level of pride that comes with acquiring a team that won a title 20 years ago in another state before you cared about basketball. You can't buy that type of feeling, except, I suppose, in this case. But only a precious few will ever know my joy. And to think, all you haters said we couldn't do it! What's up now haters?

Here's a few old photos I found of the celebration, back when Mike Baldwin's mustache was current:


Anonymous said...

30 years ago, Clay, you blockhead. 1989 is when Dale Ellis hit the Mercer St barricade after too many drinks at a bar in Lake Union. But you bought that too, right?

So NOW he crashed into a cow after too many drinks in Bricktown.


Anonymous said...

i miss all the alcohol related nba incidents. anyone want to meet up at the keg with me and kemp or should we wait till the season starts?

Anonymous said...

In keeping with the theme so far in the comments, I'm gonna chalk up the amateur blogger's "I'm ready and fully willing to take that 1979 NBA title and count it" to an alcohol-related NBA incident.

Anonymous said...

Outside of that arrogant douche, I think I can speak for most Oklahomans and say that we don't want any piece of that championship season nor any of the other great accomplishments the Sonics achieved. It's rightfully yours, and your great city's to enjoy and hopefully carry on to the reincarnated Sonics team of the future.
Most of us down here are truly waiting for that day. We don't feel guilty about this whole thing, but understand you all have every right to express your frustration. I'm done with this site, but hope all of you keep it going and keep your Sonic spirits alive.

nobody said...

Does this mean they get Rashard's DUI on I-90? I don't know how I'm gonna break this to my kids, they love that memory. Oh well, at least they still have Perkins and Wingate smokin' bowls in a Camlin hotel room back in 95. That's probably their favorite "moment" anyway.

Zorgon said...

Gotta love those pics. Hilarious stuff.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I'm sure Seattle will win another championship sometime within the next 30 years. It's not like the Seahawks or Mariners are historically inept or have ever tried to ditch the PNW.

Y'know... notwithstanding the career .484 winning percentages or the time both teams attempted to relocate and were forced to stay by local judges.

Anonymous said...

OKC, how's that all-time pro sport franchise winning percentage of 0.262 feel?