Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Elevating the Debate

As you may have heard, Sonicsgate premiered a few days ago and a lot of people thought it was very objective and very good. I won't be seeing it personally because it was made by a Seattleite and therefore could not possibly be either objective or good. Don't waste your breath trying to convince me otherwise.

But damn so I was listening to the Daily Thunder Podcast today and the blogger Royce was interviewing the film's producer, and I was ready for him to rip his Sonic-loving head off and put it on a pike, but instead Royce just got all bipartisan and said this:
"What really has bothered me a lot about it is that a lot of Oklahomans have always said, ‘Well, if they just would've went to the games, this would've never happened.' Well, in ten years we may have a 20-win team and we’re not gonna be going to the games, I mean that’s reality. That’s professional sports, that’s how it works.

….That’s what bothers me, people like to point to those last attendance numbers and say ‘oh well look they didn’t even go to the games’, and I just don’t feel like that’s a worthy reason."

What? Of course it's a worthy reason! They were terrible fans!! You start thinking about circumstance and nuance and the realities of the situation and it gets much harder to maintain a tenable position in your mind. That's why for me it's extremely black and white: Oklahoma fans best ever, Seattle fans pussies. You start looking at both sides of a situation and all of a sudden you're feeling empathy which can lead to anything from understanding to remorse to voting Democrat. Nobody wants to see that. Besides aren't you the guy who said this:
"But you guys are persistent - maybe if you'd have supported your basketball team the way you troll this blog they'd still be there. Low blow? Probably. But it felt good, especially after some of the total crap you wrote about my wonderful mother."
You need to stop second-guessing yourself. Thunder fans don't want perspective, they want reassurance.


Anonymous said...

you have no idea what you are talking about. clay lied and had a personal/close relationship with commish Stern. Clay turned the fans away among doing other dirty things, like not allowing any media access to the team while he was in Seattle. It was a dirty, dirty situation.

A lakers fan.

Dave Wakeman's Blog said...

Obviously the Lakers' fan misunderstood the situation in Seattle.