Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nick Collison has nothing on Tony Durant

Earlier this summer Nick Collison pissed off The Oklahoman and Jim Traber with his negative-ish tweets about OKC's weather. They're probably not going to enjoy Tony Durant's Twitter page:
"i miss my big sis @BettyBoopEyes i wish i was at home with yall instead of Oklahoma Shitty"

"@Dani_Reese shit chillin in wack ass OKC u get my DM"

"Man this security guard in the mall said its mall policy that u can't wear a hood on ur head in the mall only in OKC"

Hey, if you don't like our mall policy maybe you should just get the hell out. But leave your younger bro here and then sever all communications with him. Can't they ban Twitter already?


Ryan said...

Hey, when do we get the Mariners? Safeco is already more than eight and a half years old. And Bud Selig has already demonstrated that he understands what a worthless sad-sack town Seattle is. Ichiro! Ichiro! Ichiro!

Also, Seattlites are so unfair to Clay. He let them keep the Storm, for crying out loud!

Dan said...

Wow. You had to resort to stealing from the comments of Daily Thunder. How very, very Clay of you.


Anonymous said...

What a totally craptastic town in the armpit of America. Even flying over it on the way between two necessarily better places makes me hit the bathroom when the plane lands---gotta wash off all that walmart and redneck.

Free Sefolosha!

Anonymous said...

these comments about oklahoma are pretty comical. you guys come off real desperate and pathetic in your off-base snide remarks of okc. next time you fly over this shithole "anonymous", try to see through all your bigotry and ignorance, and you might, just might get a good look something you're not used to, a team with a winning record...:)