Monday, July 21, 2008

Choosing a name based on theme music.

Since the PBC announced our relocation from Seattle to OKC, Oklahomans have been dying to know what the team's theme music will be. For weeks, rumors have been swirling over which song will most likely be played during intros, timeouts, halftime and even post-game and also that time right before and after a commercial break. That is a very important time. The blogosphere has been abuzz with speculation, and recent news the team would be rebranded the "Thunder" launched Oklahoma into a fever pitch:

"AC/DC's "Thunderstruck"? Garth Brooks with "Thunder Rolls"? It's easy to picture the loud pre-game theatrical possibilities at the Ford Center this fall if a report from KOCO's Mark Rodgers is correct."-Adam Knapp,

"Garth Brooks' "The Thunder Rolls” as pre-game music, or better yet, as a victory chorus, like "New York, New York” at Yankee Stadium."-Berry Tramel, The Oklahoman

"1) Thunder — There is one reason and one reason only this name is at the top of my list - AC/DC. I’m no AC/DC fan and am not familiar with much of their work. But can you imagine [Thunderstruck] being played each night before the Oklahoma City Thunder starting lineup is introduced?"-Darnell Mayberry, The Oklahoman

"AC/DC's hit song "Thunderstruck” could boom over the Ford Center's PA system just before the team's starting lineup is introduced and immediately after the final buzzer of a home win."Darnell Mayberry (again), The Oklahoman

"Then I realized that by naming their team the "Thunder", Clay Bennett was going for an all-out barrage of AC/DC at home basketball games. ("Thunderstruck", obv.) Which I totally back."Will Brinson, NBA Fanhouse

"This makes a little more sense, especilly because reports are suggesting that AC/DC will be played during the home games. Thunderstruck will most definitely be used as an intro."Binary Gangster of the

This is to say nothing of the wildfire of speculation currently raging across message boards from coast to coast. A sampling:

Jason251213: "Will they play AC/DC "Thunderstruck" when team comes out?"

ADogBTown: "Yes, you know they are going to play the crap out of ACDC's 'Thunderstruck.'" Indeed.

OKC will be playing the shit out of Thunderstruck from now until forever, but luckily that guitar riff will never get old.... Huh. I guess I was actually thinking of 'Hells Bells'. This one's good too though.

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binarygangster said...

Thanks for the link. Garth Brooks ehh? I'm not too sure that Country is the right music to hype up a crowd... Thunderstruck even chants "Thunder"...