Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh shit is it too late to change my mind on Thunder??

Criss Angel was once in our shoes. He needed a name for his new show that reflected how hip, edgy and major-league he was. That name was "Mindfreak", and it was a homerun. And because Criss Angel has both a Jesus complex and a penchant for mascara/crying, he can simultaneously appeal to OKC's conservative Christian core and their disaffected emo children. He's a marketing savant. In the 90's Toronto was wise enough to latch itself to the Jurassic Park hysteria, so perhaps OKC should do the same with today's cultural phenomenon: Mindfreak.

This name could work because 1) like Wind, Energy and Thunder it is singular, and 2) it comes ready with it's own theme music. Plus it is instantly the most intimidating name in the NBA, or for that matter, all of sports. Introducing your Oklahoma City MINDFREAK! Are you ready?

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