Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kevin Durant is a Thunder.

The marketing geniuses that came up with YardDawgz have done it again. Behold the Thunder, OKC's very own NBA merchandising operation. Favorite son Berry Tramel was quick to expound on the virtually limitless marketing opportunities available. ThunderWear anyone?

David Stern had two criteria for selecting the name:

1) Is it inoffensive enough to inspire league-wide indifference?
and 2)Is it something that currently exists in every city in the United States, Europe and Asia, easing the transition for the team's next relocation? Yes on both counts. Yet the PBC was able to successfully lobby for a third criterion: Can we incorporate Garth Brooks and/or AC/DC into the intros? You better believe it. Stay tuned for our logo which will most likely be some sort of menacing cloud, possibly with a Lakitu emerging from the top.

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