Thursday, August 21, 2008

Darnell Mayberry attacked!

Darnell Mayberry, the Oklahoman's mild-mannered NBA beat writer, has been viciously maligned by one of the internet's many gutless punks, NBA blogger Bethlehem Shoals. From his recent post titled, "Oklahoma City's NBA Reporting = FAIL":

"I will never cease to be amused by the tone of The Oklahoman's NBA coverage. It really reads like it was either spit out by a soft-spoken HAL, or done with a Microsoft template, or by one of those college seniors sent over to hang out in the Green Zone to help draw up the Iraqi constitution."

Bethlehem sounds like a Chritstian name, but his blog is virtually incomprehensible and most likely about witchcraft. He continues:

"Remember, always stay polite, avoid either upbeat speculation, which scares people, or stark realism, which sucks. I don't doubt that Presti's doing something, but until local reporting figures out how to discuss the game, I've got no choice but to think he spends his days eating goldfish and playing Connect 4 while sitting on a stack of every other team's media guides."

Darnell issued this response:


ryan said...

Incomprehensible for a douche, maybe.

European contempt said...

'Most likely about witchcraft?'

You do notihng for the intellectual reputation of the square states, you know that right?

Shoals incomprehensible? Guess you aint a reader...

Claymate said...

What about the pan-shaped states?