Friday, November 28, 2008


I might be upset if I had any emotional attachment to this team whatsoever. Fortunately I'm usually more concerned with what sportcoat/tapered-blue-jean combo I'm gonna rock to wow the courtside crowd. And that was a complete success.

On the plus side the Thunder Boomers are totally improving, but then again so are the 11-year-olds at the YMCA that play in yellow t-shirts on carpeted basketball courts. It seems pretty logical to assume that any given team with any given group of players will most likely get better if allowed to play and practice together for an 82-game season. I guess the hard part is improving relative to other NBA teams.

But I'm sure we are, even though we just lost to the only team we've beaten so far this year. And despite the fact that last year in Seattle we were 5-16, and we're currently 1-16. Improving, yeah, that's it.

Remember Thunders, the fans don't care if you win or lose as long as you tried your very best. The NBA is all about having fun, making friends and learning about teamwork while getting paid millions and millions of dollars. It's pretty much like Boys & Girls Club basketball except your parents get charged $80 to sit in the stands.

Here are some action shots I took from courtside tonight:


Dave Wakeman's Blog said...

I definitely love the way the outfit you are rockin' shows the proper amount of crusty white ankle when you cross your leg.

Nothing shows class like having enough style to show the minions that you don't have to have a farmer's tan or any exposure whatsoever to the sunlight.

The David said...

It's so good to see Aubrey smiling again and able to enjoy the team. I don't think we've seen that since . . . well, you know. Looks like the medication is actually working.

Which brings me to the point of my post . . . What would you think about adding that same chemical to the concessions at the Ford Center? As well as it's helped Aubrey to cope with his, uh, recent difficulties, perhaps it would help the OKC fans to better understand the value of moral victories and learning experiences.

I know your wife's paper is like written prozac (and has helped a lot of OKC residents deal with . . . well, being OKC residents), but trust me, this stuff is amazing.

Anonymous said...


I see the okies lead their team to yet another moral victory. Way to go okies, you shame the rest of the fans in the league with your love and desire for NBA basketball.

Oh yeah, it wasn't a sell out. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

Claymate, as a fellow patriot, I commend the way you show off your wealth to everyone in OKC. It is truly an inspiration and gives the rest of us something to strive for. Maybe, just maybe, if we all work hard enough, we too could marry into a wealthy family. Then, we could parlay that into a taxing the citizens (and consumers)of OKC in order to transfer their wealth to us and our friends. Claymate you are truly the American dream.

Anonymous said...

Thats what we like about ClayMation, you can make it anything you frame at a time.

Anonymous said...

Breaker said...


Who's the cute kid playing defense on mini-dirk?

f prevett said...

Actually Mini-Dirk is kinda cute too.

Claymate said...

I think that's Ryan Gomes.