Friday, November 14, 2008

PJ Carlesimo is an embarrassment

Our own PJ Carlesimo is a proud member of the All-NBA Embarassment team:
"Carlesimo has no business coaching in the NBA. Sure, he put up some wins as the Portland Trailblazers head coach, but the Blazers were already a solid team when he was hired.

He was let go by the Blazers and the Golden State Warriors picked him as their next head coach. In a little over a season as the Warriors coach, he went a combined 46-113 during that time.

Now he's coaching the Seattle Sonics/Oklahoma City Thunder and is off to the same way he started as Warriors coach. So far his record as coach of the team in just over a full season is 21-68. Talk about embarrassing for a NBA team to pick him as a coach.

His problem is that he doesn't know how to handle the older players.

As an assistant coach, he was greatly respected, but as a head coach he doesn't demand respect from his players. Look at what happened when he was with the Warriors and Latrell Sprewell attacked him and the infamous choke marks on his neck."
Congratulations, Coach. PJ is definitely a great hire if you're looking for someone to lose games, alienate fans and insult your city. If not, though, you might want to go with a guy who players respect.


Anonymous said...

The fact that PJ hasn't been fired yet raises serious questions about Sam Presti's competence. I assumed they only hired PJ to alienate Seattle fans. I fully expected him to be released the day after the settlement was announced. That he's still around suggests Presi and Clay think he is actually a legitimate NBA coach. Appalling.

Mr Baker said...

Do they have the money to pay for another coach?
Or, do they look at the roster and figure that wins are not going to be coached into happening this year?

I figured they would have canned him as soon as they got there.

I will not be watching the NBA until my town, Seattle, steals another city's team. I just can't get exited unless it is at the expense of somebody else.
I can't wait to cheer on with the almost sellout the remodeled Key Arena the retro-rebranded Vancouver-Memphis-Seattle Grizz-Sonics.
I'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Hey claymate, I think we should pursue avery johnson. He seems like he'll win us a few more games while still allowing us to get a high enough draft pick.

Anonymous said...

Definition of rock bottom: Sitting in your mother's basement crying alone, while spewing your never fulfilling tantrum about a team that has moved on and will never come back, hoping that one day your life won't be as pointless as it is now- go get laid or something