Monday, November 3, 2008


In front of a non-sellout crowd that was 1,000 seats below capacity in just the second home game in the history of our team, the Thundermen managed to come from behind to beat one of the league's worst teams. Time to go apeshit, OKC!

Jerry Zgoda of the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports (via Truehoop):
"Two signs the Wolves aren't playing the Seattle SuperSonics anymore: Prayer preceeded the national anthem and the pregame meal in the media room featured chicken fried steak in the shape of the state of Oklahoma."
Thanks for the win, God. And also for the delicious, state-shaped entree.


Anonymous said...

Um, that looks more like the Miami Heat's logo on the pregger lady's belly than the horrible thing that is the Thunder logo. Kudos to Ray Allen for speaking out on the move from Seattle when Boston hammered OKC 96-83.

Anonymous said...

Quit slacking, Claymate. Your blog is the only thing keeping me remotely interested in the NBA.

Anonymous said...

Claymate is the only vestige of NBA that can possibly interest a Seattle fan.

Give it all up to Claymate!!!

Anonymous said...

Go back to your sister's bedroom.