Sunday, November 16, 2008

Almost as good as last year

So if you haven't been following the Thunder this week, let me just tell you that things are really, really going awesome. Sports journalism icon Darnell Mayberry writes:
"The Thunder’s record is identical to the 10-game start last season by the Seattle SuperSonics. That season resulted in a franchise-worse [sic] 20-62 record."
Yeah, I suppose that's a little discouraging. I mean we're actually trying to win games this year, right? I'm pretty sure I cc'd PJ on that email. What's even more discouraging about that statement is that it's completely false. The Thunder have a worse record through 10 games than the Sonics did last year in Seattle. That team started 2-8, this team is 1-9. It was probably really difficult to type that so I can understand the error.

The basketball think tank at the Oklahoman is now quietly revising their win-total predictions from just a few short weeks ago. Because nobody could have seen this coming. No one. Who could have guessed the Thunder would be terrible? Completely unforeseeable. Kinda like the Iraq war. Nobody on earth predicted that would be a disaster. But then again maybe that's what happens when you formulate your prediction in an echo chamber of bias and uninformed opinion. Maybe those ESPN media elites actually knew what they were talking about. Maybe hubris and rosy predictions and AC/DC and a nauseating sense of entitlement and an utter lack of self-awareness aren't enough to win in this league. Maybe NBA players aren't intimidated by balloons and loud fat guys in terrible merchandise and a complete moron with a brick on his head who's team plays in 'Bricktown' and shoots a league-worst 40.8% from the floor. I suppose that's possible.

But I'm sticking to my guns that the "Thunder Way" is the only way to win in the NBA. Darnell just dropped an article called "Staying the Course", which is likely the first time since 2005 that phrase has been used in a non-ironic way. Everything's under control. Presti is about 2 months from turning OKC into San Antonio. That's our model. Oh, no wait... now apparently it's Atlanta, Portland and New Orleans. Okay then. So basically, whatever team is good or improving in the NBA right now is what the Thunder will be at some point in the future. And as none of you can see the future, there is no way to tell me I'm wrong. And if someday the future reveals a reality that is totally at odds with my prediction, that's because nobody could have seen it coming.


Matt said...

In words Clay would be comfortable with, are you using those pictures as a parable to say that disgruntled Sonics fans will be able to get revenge by having someone kill 'your' parents and feed them to you in some chili? In any event, I agree with your conclusion that Scott Tenorman must die.

And good catch on the record; I don't think Kevin Durant's future former team will get to 9-21 like the Sonics did at their high water mark last year.

Anonymous said...

Best blog ever!!!

Let's hope for an 8 win season!

And Let's hear it for the BEST fans in the NBA!!!

jared said...

This is just hilarious. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Good post. Love how The Oklahoman never lets facts get in the way of what Bennett and Okies want to hear. It's called faith, and Thunder fans have it in spades!

Anonymous said...

I guess you know this post got mentioned by TrueHoop. That is all.

Anonymous said...

please, take the '[sic] franchise-worse' out of your article. under bennett, it IS the franchise-worse.

mangabalanga said...

Having grown up in Oklahoma my entire life, I can tell you that most people out there knew the team was going to be awful, and most of us dislike the Oklahoman.

I know it's upsetting to lose a sports franchise, but to make bashing the entire town, along with everything and everyone in it, your personal crusade, well it just seems slightly melodramatic. But I guess that's sports.

Crow said...

The Thunder is playing young guys and playing for the long-term.
They are like the Hornets. Blazers and Hawks in some ways but the differences are worthing noting too.

Hornets drafted Paul who was a legit offensive star in his first season because of his passing and rebounding. He wasn't that much better a shooter initially than Durant but he was a decent threat to shoot and even better passing while Durant wasn't much at passing or rebounding and it says a lot about both players that barely 6 foot at most Paul rebounds almost as well as Durant.

New Orleans has a very good GM who spent to bring in free agents as part of the core. The jury is still out on Presti but he hasn't brought in any vets to be part of the core yet, trying to wow folks with his reputed draft expertise. So far not going that well.

Thunder like Portland in trying to be partly like Spurs but "more exciting". A difficult mix to pull off. Portland may do it but haven't yet. Need a a few months of .600 ball before you can say they've arrived. The defense currently sucks. The offense is doing fine now but I question how well it will do in the playoffs.

Like Atlanta Thunder emphasized wings but the Hawks got a good duo in Smith -Horford while the Thunder really have no idea yet who will be PF_C in the future. Both teams are weak on leadership at PG.

Claymate said...

God manga, tell me about it. These damned life-long-Sonic-fan smear-merchants just won't let me enjoy their team in peace. Don't they have something better to do during the NBA season? Oh right.

It's just so unfair that they get to make fun of us and stuff and all we get is their basketball team. Life's a bitch like that.

Sam said...

Ouch, blown out at home by LAC - the second worst ("worse" in Mayberry-speak) team in the NBA!

Anonymous said...

Not only were the hapless Thunder blownout by the Clippers — the Clippers! — but their was a smattering a boos from the loyal Thunder fans. Yup, the Oklahomans sure are taking care of our former team better than we ever did between booing their only pro-sports franchise and not selling out games. You know what this means, Clay: Demand they build you a new state-of-the-art arena because the Thunder deserve it!

My Name is Earl said...

The Thunder is playing young guys and playing for the long-term.
They are like the Hornets. Blazers and Hawks in some ways but the differences are worthing noting too.

Only difference is the Blunder aren't going to be able to keep their young players in Bricktown.

Voice of Reason said...

But Desmond Mason said the best thing about OKC fans was that they don't boo. Uh, whoops. So if the best thing about them is thrown out the window, what's left? Their wonderful fashion sense?

Darnell Mayberry is giving Jennie Carlson and Barry Trammell a run for their money as biggest dolts writing for the Oklahoman sports section. Thank god the Thunder Dolts moved to town to give the nation a chance to notice his talents. Not everybody has the gift of Jennie Carlson and can make a fool out of themselves on a national level strictly on their own merit.

Speaking of Jennie. Just saw her on that video a few posts down. Dear lord! Somebody take away her KFC famous bowl! Geez.

One question from a "fake American" living in NY. You guys seriously have group prayer before the national anthem? I read that on ESPN and was flabbergasted. Do you guys make minorities go through extra security screening entering the stadium as well?

Mr Baker said...

I think they have two things going against them;
thinking that they may be stuck in Seattle for two more years so a scorched earth fanbase in Seattle was the escape plan for 2010 (sorry okc, your getting treated like you were Sonics fans);
and they were not going to spend a frickin' dime if they were stuck in Seattle so this past offseason was spent in court, not getting players for the court.

Maybe they will be better by the time they thought they would be in OKC, or the stink of losing from the word go will doom the franchise.

mawriz said...

Breaking News: The Oklahomo Blunder will be moved to the D-League according to some unnamed sources.