Thursday, November 20, 2008

Are you saying "Boo" or "Boo-ennett"?

So last night the Thunder were completely dismantled by the 1-9 Clippers on their home floor. Completely dismantled. They trailed by 25 at one point. It was quintessential Thunder basketball, and was a great evening for the entire family.

But then, late in the 3rd quarter, in just the 7th home game in their existence, the greatest basketball fans the world has ever known actually started to boo the team. PJ said it also occurred during a "good chunk of the first half".

What a triumphant moment for myself, Oklahoma City, David Stern and the NBA at large.

Here's my favorite part from John Rohde's article:
"Former Oklahoma State standout Desmond Mason was with the Hornets during their stay in Oklahoma City and has said the best thing about playing ball here is you don’t get booed, no matter how tough the going gets."
He then says:
"Even after a game like that, they told us to keep our heads up, to keep playing," Mason said. "You don’t get that kind of treatment very often."
Great effort, Desmond.

But I know what you're thinking. You're probably thinking "How in God's name does a team get booed by fans who have only watched them play seven games? In their inaugural season? After having billed themselves as the greatest, most supportive fans ever? After hyping themselves more than the team itself? After virtually taking credit for the Hornets' success? After endlessly bemoaning Seattle's 'lack of fan support' and actually claiming to deserve the team more than the city it belonged to for 41 years? Doesn't that strike them as completely deplorable? Is this a joke? Am I here right now?"

Slow down, my reactionary friend, there's a simple explanation for this.

They weren't saying "boo", the were saying "Boooo-mers!". You know the Boomers, right? It's the nickname Berry Tramel coined and has been mercilessly using in an offhand manner for weeks as if his readers are supposed to know what the fuck he's talking about. As if this nickname doesn't exist entirely in his own mind. Oh, you haven't seen that video? I don't blame you, but here it is anyway:

Christ. Keep trying to make "Boomers" happen, Berry, apparently it's catching on. At least that's what I keep telling myself.


ellevee said...

great post, OKC fans are just as terrible as the the booooomers.

Anonymous said...

If they didn't care they would sit there silence, like lakers fans.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right, like Lakers fans. LOL

Okies are posers. They talk a big game yet can't back it up. Boo'ing the Dunder is an embarrassment for OKC and proves that this team will not last long.

The hornets are playing in OKC tonight, guess which team will get the better reception? It won't be the one wearing the okie flag colors. That also proves what posers these okies are.

Poser fans in a poser city. OKC is a joke in the NBA, I give that franchise 5 years and then they are gone.

Anonymous said...

I was saying Boo-mers...

This is a great blog. Absolutely hillarious and the photoshopping is second to none. I can't believe ol' brick head has kept PJ around. I mean c'mon, I honestly thought the only reason the hired him was to lose in Seattle. He is one terrible, terrible, coach.

mW said...

Hornets fan here, checking out your site for the first time. Honestly, the struggles of the team have nothing to do with Oklahoma City. They were a cellar-dwelling team before the move. Think of how short a time ago the Hornets sucked. Then look at last year. A good draft, a free agent pick up, and you might be contending.

MarkS said...

Sorry MW

They've had 3 good draft picks over the last two years.

Free agents? Have you checked out the value of Chesapeake Energy stock lately?

Anonymous said...

Trammel is a fucking moron. What else can you say? I am still waiting for him to park cars at the New Orleans arena. After all, he said he would if the Hornets ever played a game in New Orleans again. Fucking moron.

Kevin Durant said...

Carlesimo is out!

Yahoo Sports, Sports Illustrated and even our beloved Daily Oklahoman are all reporting it. Heck, even his wikipedia page has already been updated:

You the man Clay Clay. Tell me it's true baby! Tell me it's true!

I knew you wouldn't let this downward spiral continue. You heard our boos and you responded. I was still with you at 21-73. Maybe the players were still adjusting to his in-your-face enthusiasm. But 21-74? Fuck that. You suck P.J.

So long sucker. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. The days of crap basketball will soon be in the rearview mirror. Win number two is right around the corner baby. I can feel it!

Raj C. said...

Berry looks hungover.