Sunday, December 28, 2008

The 2nd Worst Show on Earth

“It will enhance public perception of the entire state,” gushed Brad Henry, Oklahoma’s governor, when we spoke. “We’ll be on SportsCenter every night.” (NY Times)

Just another PR triumph for Oklahoma City's second favorite NBA team.


Anonymous said...

I haven't watched OKC play a game yet this year mainly because the blue and orange combination offends my senses. Also, as they get worse and worse, they get further from national coverage which means anybody outside the local OKC sports tv area can only keep up with the team by tuning in to BILB. Now I've heard OKC was bad but this little blip from Sportscenter is just amazing. How many times can you miss a dunk? Somebody just bury them puhlease!

Anonymous said...

The worst match up in the history of NBA!

Anonymous said...

my favorite part: "They're high-fiving the effort now?"

Anonymous said...

high-fiving. Yep, if this is what you high-five, you need to go home and not come back. You suck.

Anonymous said...

The Thunder are perfect for OKC, they have no self respect. What they do have are cheerleaders like Betts who have ZERO expectations and loves to treat these millionaires like high school kids.

"I hope they love us"

"I'm starting to love them"

"They feel like ours"

"They put OKC on the map"


Losers! I bet they are secretly still watching Hornets games hoping for another hurricane.

J.L. White said...

Considering what Clay Bennett did, ESPN showing respect to team that plays in OKC would be the exact same thing as CNN showing respect to a rapist.

/sports rape victim

Anonymous said...

Let's all thank the man who runs this site, okie Boomer blogs are dropping like flies.

33% of the okie games have been sold out, so much for selling out every game and willing the team to victory.

Jeff Hornacek said...

This post was only three sentences long and was still better than anything I've ever read over at Thunderworld. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I've come across your blog thx to an article on digg about Sunday's game and I just want to say, DAMN! This has got to one of the most depressing blog's I've read all year!!! Honestly, how are still talking about these guys?
I wasn't even aware of this team until now and now that I've heard of them, I wish I hadn't.