Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Clippers Lower the Boom

And lower the Boomers to 2-24. With the Thunder's second home loss of the year to the lowly Clippers, Scotty Brooks is now 1-12 as head coach. That's the same record achieved by mentor PJ Carlesimo that led to his firing and the end of his illustrious NBA career. Does this mean Brooks is next on the chopping block? I have no idea, because I'm in way over my head.

It was cool to see Eric Gordon light us up, though. Presti decided to pass on him because Westbrook is more defensive-minded. So far that approach is working out great. The defense under Brooks, as "Thunderguru" shows, is "historically bad". Seems like it's a lot harder to build a San Antonio-style defensive power without Tim Duncan. Will Kevin Durant become the Duncan-esque lynchpin of a suffocating team-defense? I prefer not to think about it, because it only reminds me that I have no business owning a basketball team.

At least the Thunder faithful were once again out in force, with 18,275 in the stands. That's pretty good even though it once again wasn't a sellout. Wait, what? Oh, Mike Baldwin says there were actually only "around 16,000" on hand. I guess that's around 2,275 less good. And as far as I know is a new season low. Good thing they don't report actual attendance figures, am I right?? Lolz.

If it's any consolation, I've spoken with Big Stern and he's assured me we're getting the first pick in the draft. Suck it, bitches. Obviously we'll take hometown cross-dressing hero Blake Griffin and play him, where, center? So we can complete our undersized front-court of Griffin and Green? Or we could play him at his natural PF, moving Jeff Green to the bench? Or putting Durant back at the 2? I don't have the first clue. One thing is clear, and that is I have severely overestimated my ability to run a sports franchise.


Anonymous said...

Don't let that loss to the lowly Clippers get you down, Clay, you've been named Oklahoma Today's Oklahoman of the Year! Congrats! And now you're reaping the rewards of all that lying, cheating and stealing. That's how we roll in the OKC. Totally worth it!

Anonymous said...

"And now you're reaping the rewards of all that lying, cheating and stealing. That's how we roll in the OKC. Totally worth it!"

Don't forget "failing" and "losing."

Anonymous said...

PJ has re-ascended to the top of our beloved team's best coaching win percentage list.

Anonymous said...

Oklahoman of the Year! I didn't see that, congrats Claymate, that's like being the MVP of the scout team.

Scott K said...

Hey, did McClendon get any love in the running for Oklahoman of the year? Don't forget he displayed the okies management succesful management style and made quite a spalsh in the news when he generously donated a couple billion dollars to a few needy banks.

Anonymous said...

The okies talked a big game about attendance, now they let a little cold weather hold them back? LOL

That is almost as funny as them believing the Boomers are trying to hard to win games at home for the fans.