Tuesday, December 30, 2008

PJ lives where now?

Greatest PJC pic ever by Garbage Time All-Stars (via BDL)

The Seattle PI recently spoke with Thunder legend/scapegoat/punchline PJ Carlesimo and curiously, he now lives in Seattle again.

That's weird. I guess I just assumed he would continue living in OKC and spend his time collecting canned goods for food banks. I mean, he did say moving to OKC was the “best thing to ever happen” to the Sonics, so I’m a bit perplexed over here. He also said Oklahoma City is “infinitely better geographically” than Seattle. I know that because Darnell Mayberry devoted an entire article to that quote.

Hey, great point PJ and the Oklahoman. Being relatively closer to certain NBA cities is a major credit to Oklahoma City. “OKC, we’re closer to the east coast than half of America”. We don’t have the jet lag and we save money on gas. Maybe we should just put all NBA teams in the geographic center of the country, or better yet in Oklahoma itself. ZERO JET LAG. Why don't they do this already? Say, for example, you like visiting both New York and Los Angeles. Where should you live? Nebraska.

Although on second thought this is the kind of thought process that might get you browbeaten by David Stern for being "such an American":

Ugh, Americans are the worst. I mean....I applaud your vision, taxpayers!

But anyway, why PJ decided to go back to Seattle is anybody’s guess. It's hard to even find a place that's infinity-times worse than any other place. Now he's living in one? I just figured he would want his kids to grow up in a town that promotes family values and not a 19th century fur-trading outpost run by Windows Vista. Everyone knows Vista sucks. Maybe he had an Earl Watson-type club incident or something? Lotta folks round here don’t take kindly to the bearded. But that’s only because they think they’re better then everyone. God-damned beardos and their bearded agenda will be the death of this country. C'mon, it's not like you’re born bearded or anything, it’s a lifestyle choice. So, what the fuck? Sorry the whole thing just grosses me out.


Anonymous said...

PJ in Seattle? What the hell is he doing here? Can't imagine him doing anything in basketball around here. Hell, I think even the YMCA would politely turn him down on any offer to coach 5 year olds. Yep, I think the Blunder was the dagger that put the absolute finish on PJ's basketball career. Wonder if he even put them on his resume'.

Anonymous said...

I love David Stern and his half(non)-truths. As the crow flies:

Miami to Paris - 4578 miles
NY to Paris - 3636 miles
Portland to Paris - 5138 miles

Portland to Miami - 2707 miles
Portland to NY - 2445 miles

Nice try Emperor Stern.

Anonymous said...

Stern is a visionary, the future of the entire NBA operation is in OKC. Why anyone vacations in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, or New Orleans is confusing. They have complicated things like culture to deal with, it's better to have life simplified like it is in Oklahoma.

PJ is in Seattle because he is not good enough to live in OKC. PJ might have been able to blend into a pre-NBA OKC, but now that they have hit the big time PJ doesn't meet the okie standard.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. PJ is not good enough to live in OKC. Clay is a god and now we're a big league city......

Sonicless in Seattle said...

PJ is in Seattle because if you're going to be depressed for getting fired, you might as well go to the most depressing place on earth...that and he loves buttsex and where better to get it than the new "gay capitol of the U.S."

Anonymous said...

"he loves buttsex and where better to get it than the new "gay capitol of the U.S.""

Sounds like you're speaking from first hand experience.