Thursday, September 11, 2008

OKC residents have kids who'll probably like the team.

Because that's what it's really all about. The kids. Some of them, anyway. But kids are more than just great public relations props, they're also future consumers. I think sometimes we forget that.

To wit, check out the groundswell of support from local residents after the big NBA BOG vote:

“Yeah, but we need it too”. Wow, can I get this slogan printed on my stationary? Hmm, Oklahoma City Blazers. I like it. Although I suppose it's taken by the current primary resident of the Ford Center, not to mention our former NBA rival in Portland. I'll let the legal department worry about that. We could be like the Trail-of-Tears-Blazers. Do you think there’s any way I could buy the entire Northwest divison?

Is it me, or did I see that blonde woman at the Republican National Convention with the "Peace Through Strength" sign?


Anonymous said...

"We need it too."

I think that sums up OKC extremely well, they can do nothing for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine being a child in Oklahoma. How sad. Nothing at all to look forward to.

dc said...

im sure the people of okc are too caught up in rodeos, ffa, hurding cattle and sheep etc. to enjoy an nba game...

John said...

Classy, dc.

Yes Claymate, these are your readers.

Jeremy said...

Ahh, who cares about the name? It's the INTEGRITY of the whole thing that counts. C'mon, Clay and Aubrey, Stern... these are guys you'd want to be your kid's godfathers.

Meanwhile I wanna see more interviews! Bang it up, Claymate.