Saturday, September 13, 2008


Fantastic analysis as usual from NBA expert and 80's mustache holdout Mike Baldwin of the Oklahoman:

Indeed, it's incredibly difficult to run a successful franchise when your definition of success is failure. Harder still is creating "stability" when the cause of this instability is your own publicly stated intention to move the franchise. Clearly there is only one remedy for this, and that's to move the franchise.

But now, as Baldwin notes, we finally "know where we're gonna practice". That would be Southern Nazerene University, a temporary facility our players can use while we renovate the Performance Sports Center, which is itself a temporary facility that we'll occupy while we're building a taxpayer-funded $21 million practice facility in an as-yet-to-be-determined location that should be ready in 18-24 months. Finally, stability.

Not knowing where we were practicing was one of our biggest problems in Seattle, although it would usually end up being in our team's practice facility. And by "usually", I mean "always".


Anonymous said...

Indeed, OKC provides the kind of stability Seattle couldn’t afford in the 41 years the team was located there.

NBA Fan said...

This is a GREAT BLOG. Whoever came up with this idea , just want to say "GREAT JOB!".

Although I may be a little bias, being from Seattle, this is a blog I plan to read regularly...

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like reading the thoughts of a bitter loser. Nothing like it at all.

Enjoy the MLS, loser.

NBA Fan said...

It is obvious that this site is from someone that is "not" a fan of your team, so "why" are you even on this site.

And, why do you have to stay anonymous?

If you don't like the content, don't visit the site.

Why do you have to make it about Seattle vs. OKC? This is really about Seattle vs. Lying crook Bennett.

Anonymous said...

Just because you live in a city that has a basketball team that was stolen from another city by a jug-eared redneck billionaire who doesn't even know you're alive, doesn't exactly make you a "winner."

JonnieHoohaa said...

Great blog!

Seattle didn't derserve a team anyways. Hippies can't play basketball, their too busy tripping in their sandles.

Now if they could just relocate the Trailblazers to Omaha, all would be right.