Tuesday, September 9, 2008

PJ Carlesimo Lever.

Some interesting NBA All-Access video with Thunder Coach PJ Carlesimo. If you're an OKC season ticket holder who has no idea who that is, get caught up here.

That's a leader of men, folks. Poignant stuff, indeed. Hard to be sure, but I think this video is either A) PJC giving the Thunder a pep talk about their new sunset blue unis, B) PJC giving his young squad a valuable lesson in tolerance, or C) Something the Thunder will play on the Jumbotron to salvo the crowd during the fourth quarter of another drubbing. The crowd will think, “Hey, our team may have given up 129 points tonight, but I bet we believe in Jesus the most, and that’s makes us the true winners.” 82-win season baby!


steveej said...

or better yet... You're an idiot.. That's NOT PJC. Ever heard of Walker Texas Ranger?

Claymate said...

Hmm, interesting. I was wondering why Hulk Hogan was acting as assistant coach. I thought maybe it was just another stroke of Sam Presti genius.

Anonymous said...

Walker Texas Ranger is a God in OKC ......... they really don't know any better. LOL

Rednecks and basketball don't mix, this should be an interesting couple of seasons in OKC before the Thunder move to Kansas City where a real pro city and fans will be waiting for them.

Crow said...

PJ recently said Jeff Green had a very good rookie year. By adjusted +/- Jeff Green was one of the worst performing players in the league and by PER Jeff Green was one of the weakest performing rookies given that much playing in last 20 years.

PJ is a weak attempted spinner just as he is a weak NBA head coach.

And Presti choose both...
though perhaps for less than completely straightforward reasons.

Perhaps same for Bennett with Presti. Something other than just "brillance" as a criteria. Like malleability to the game plan. Move, tank for awhile, make money, maybe get better in distant future.

Or maybe Bennett and Presti are as misguided as PJ.