Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Consummate Maverick on facebook.

Note that I wasn't voted Mr. Congeniality of the PBC and have differed from members of my own ownership group when it comes to non-specific key issues, and as such, have authorized the preemptive use of eForce when it comes to building our coalition of the willing. I wasn't sure about the strategy/tactic, but I have to commend Clay for pioneering the Execublogger phenomena--- the surge is working. We've joined facebook and the fundamentals of our franchise have never been stronger. Now Thunder fans who have supported our storied franchise over the past 4 decades have a chance to join our eFamily through a medium never before seen. We look forward to your friendship.


Anonymous said...

This is Chris from the graphic you used for this post.

You were so wrong to use that conversation that we had. Do not ever use my likeness without my permission again.

However, I really applaud your foresight in reaching out to the OKC fanbase thru electronic means. Very cool.

God Bless.


Scrub said...


I know it's been a hard week for you, so here's a joke that might cheer you up:

Q: How do you make a small fortune in Oklahoma?
A. Start with a large fortune and buy Chesapeake Energy on margin.

Get it?


McC said...

There is no emoticon in the emoticon dictionary that can express my complete confidence in the value of the company's strategy and assets. There is one, however, that will suffice as response to your alarmist bell-ringing:
:-8( (condescending stare)

Scrub said...

My god, I admire you, McC. A lesser man would become embittered in your position, once a significant owner of a rising company, now reduced to hired help. But not you. Truly, you redefine nobility.