Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Go help the good folks at Ball Don't Lie think up a fitting caption for this image.

Suggested: "Hey Peej, maybe I'm not looking at you because your tie is like a fucking optical illusion."


steff said...

KD: "Aww man, that (smurf-blue) jersey's gonna look awful up there once they retire my number..."

(posting here as I am not a yahoo-member)

Anonymous said...

"I WILL CHAIN YOU to a PIPE... in a CRAWLSPACE... if you don't GET ON THE BAG... now GET ON THAT BAG"

Jeremy said...

Hey guys, my name is Jeremy and I run the Nuggets blog Pickaxe and Roll. I could not find an email address, so I decided to leave a comment. I am putting together a Northwest Division blogger group to work together during the season. If you are interested in joining email me at

Mitten said...

“I wonder if Clay Bennett can install a clock on this scoreboard that counts down the minutes until I can leave Oklahoma City for free agency?”