Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday's Musings

Since Mr. Monday has been granted unfettered access to BiLB without having every article/blog/opinion critiqued first by the Oklahoman management, Mr. Monday would like to take advantage of this opportunity and introduce a new weekly segment called ‘Monday’s Musing.’ Essentially, all you Okies now have unfiltered wisdom to take with you to the water-cooler. You’re welcome, squares.

Where o' Where is our Dunleavy Jr?
Larry Legend’s “professional imprisonment” of Jamaal ‘Dust-Pan’ Tinsley shows why he’s without question the greatest GM in NBA history. He continues to gut the once thuggish-ruggish Pacers, building a team of good role models and exceptional citizens. Larry has spat in the face of success, profits, and exciting basketball, demonstrating a commitment to jump-stops, proper pivoting, and the triple-threat, things only real Americans will appreciate. Mr. Presti, take notes.

How are Fat Girls like Mopeds?

They’re fun to ride but you don’t want your friends to find out…or your boss…or the media.

We Are Not the Same, I am a Martian
Apparently Cassell doesn’t need no practice or preseason to hobble around and collect championships. Don’t be salty Smiling Gabe.

Prescription Pills—God's Greatest Gift since Jesus
Throwing one of my 12 daughters under a moving vehicle always helps Mr. Monday sleep better too, Zeke.

Where’s my Shovel?
Bury the Rogue and let the betting begin. Deep pockets and an even shorter memory—Do not question the David.

Run n Gun Randolph
Why the Knicks would want to trade the Baby-Fat Assassin is beyond Mr. Monday. It seems like Randolph would be ideal for D’Antoni’s 7 sec or less offense.

Mr. Monday is an irreverent wit and anonymous foe to those he deems fit. When he's not busy annointing hippies "leafy-green" or "hybrid-driving, carpooling, mountain-climbers", he splits his time between the oklahoman and BiLB to keep those outside the truth filter in check. To read his oklahoman archive, pay a visit to, or refer here to his newest home in the blogosphere for the wry and the whimsical.

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