Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kevin Durant says have a great weekend.


Bill Simmons said...

Here's my contribution to the poor Sonics fans: You know the team Kevin Durant plays for right now? I'm never mentioning their "new" name in this column. Ever. For as long as I have it. I'm alternating between these four names …

1. Kevin Durant's Team.
2. The Seattle SloppySeconds
3. The Bennett City Hijackers
4. The Team That Shall Not Be Named

Joe C. said...

I hope you die young you piece of poop. You are not a thunder fan.

Do us all a favor and jump off a tall bridge you worthless asshole.

:) said...

Hook 'em Horns! Ya-hoo!!!

Samuel said...

The day KD bolts OKC for a real big league city will be one of the happiest in my life.

Anonymous said...

"I love you Claymate!"

-Aubrey and Stern, in the cell next door.

Slade the dull blade said...

UW is 0-5, WSU is 1-6, The Seahhawks are the worst team in the NFL, the Mariners are the worst team in MLB.....and the Sonics bailed to greener pastures.

Now....HOW FUNNY IS THAT!!!!!!

The David said...

Congratulations Claymate, you've done it again! Naming your dance team the "Thunder Girls" was a stroke of brilliance (story here: )

This kind of thinking is right inside the box, where thinking belongs. It's so much better than that pederast Reinsdorf and his Luvabulls (What's that mean anyway? Nobody knows!).

What I really like about Thunder Girls, though, is that it will contribute to the cultural ideals we are trying to instill within our dance squads. You're going to find -- as hard as this is to believe -- that some of these girls will come to you without so-called "eating disorders." But being constantly referred to as Thunder Girls should help them to develop a self-image that will develop a greater commitment to maintaining the kind of body type that pleases our corporate sponsors. And that's what it's all about!

So good job. You continue to exceed my expectations.

Your friend and hero,

The David

P.S. If there's anything I can do to continue to support your venture here, just drop me an email.