Friday, October 17, 2008

Expert's Take

There is no good reason why Adam Morrison should not be on the Thunder.


Anonymous said...

If he gets his Gonzaga-era offensive form back, it's an interesting idea. The only thing that has always bugged me about him is the D (or somewhat lack thereof). Maybe unload one of the centers at midseason?

Samuel said...

I think the author was referring to his douchebaggery, not his game.

Anonymous said...

Samuel, the fact that Morrison is well versed in douchebaggery goes without saying!

So why not exile another douchebag to NBA Siberia? It isn't like anybody is going to take the Thunder seriously given its ridiculous name, despicable ownership (and how they went about bringing them to Oklahoma City) and complete lack of originality in rebranding the onetime Seattle Supersonics. Once the losing drags on and on and on we'll see the true colors of the sports fanbase here that won't tolerate anything but a winner. The only players on the roster with a modicum of talent (that were with the Sonics last season) are Durant, Wilcox, and Collison, and honestly I see them bolting for elsewhere the minute they're given the opportunity to do so (you might remember that Collison was particularly outspoken about wanting to remain in Seattle).

And I apologize for insulting Siberia.

Anonymous said...

... and no, I don't think Desmond Mason is a douchebag because he got traded here (in fact despite his being an Oklahoma State guy he's always been okay in my book). At best I think they're making a tool out of him which I hate seeing. I didn't like it three years ago either when the visiting-for-an-extended-period Hornets traded for him -- it was clearly designed to put butts in seats and nothing more.

It would be the exact same thing if they decided to approach the Nets about Eduardo Najera (he signed with NJ this summer, and actually, contract rules --if I'm not mistaken -- prohibit him from being traded as a newly-signed FA).

Slade the dull blade said...

No big surprise that he's a douchebag. He's from Washington, isn't he....LOL