Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No Contest

Please do your patriotic duty today and go vote for Bend it Like Bennett for best Thunder Blog in LA Ball Talk's every-team poll. If this were a popularity contest we would win. Fortunately for the people, it’s a quality-of-blog contest in which our "competition" has already conceded. But apparently LA Ball Talk needs something to do, so let’s go ahead and indulge them. Here's how I described our blog:

"Bend It Like Bennett is the absolute gold standard for Thunder blogs, which is why Ball Don’t Lie’s Blog Association ranks us the number one Thunder blog on the web. The rest of the pack is in a heated seven-way tie for last.

Our fellow Thunderbloggers at Blue Blitz say BILB is “generally better, more popular, and more well-liked than our blog, Thunderworld, and ThunderGuru combined.” The Thunderworld calls us “The best Thunder blog - nay, best NBA - nay, best blog period on the Internet”. We are pleased, if not surprised, to have earned the respect and undying adoration of our colleagues.

We provide highly original content that goes above and beyond the busy work of amassing links to every Oklahoman article ever like some kind of paper shuffling mid-level corporate burnout—a task that could be done more effectively by a Google algorithm. We offer only the very best in insightful Thunder commentary, and will continue to delight our loyal readers until our business model is no longer profitable. We appreciate your blind support."

I think voters should have all available information at their disposal in order to make an informed decision. That's why I feel it's necessary to mention that Blue Blitz has known associations with terrorists of this nation and Thunderguru was raised in France by Islamofascist homosexual billionaires. The Thunderworld doesn’t own a lapel pin of any kind and wants to mandate gay marriages for kindergarteners. Those are the facts.

Or if you want to throw your vote away, go ahead and vote for Thunder Rumblings.


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