Saturday, October 25, 2008

A generous offer from The David.

Although it's been well documented by the Oklahoman that the Sonics never actually had any fans, there may be one or two eco-terrorists up in Seattle that are still pining for NBA basketball. Fortunately for them, The David understands:
"We understand the fans and their anger, frustration, depression."
He then immediately proceeded to show the extent of this understanding:
"You know, we have something over 900 games available on NBA League Pass, either on cable or satellite, and potentially broadband and NBA TV where we have four games a week," he said. "So there's a lot out there in terms of content and a lot of an ability to follow our league. If they are so inclined, then we certainly invite them and welcome them."
Oh, well then, problem solved. What a generous offer and entirely noble gesture. "Even though I orchestrated the heist of your 41-year franchise, I still welcome you to give me your money." I'm sure Sonics fans everywhere can't wait to take you up on that.

David Stern: like Gandhi, only better.

Congratulations to us: Again, anointed the OKC People's Champion.


steff said...

Man, what a tosser. Every time you'D think there can simply not come something dumber out of his mouth, he comes along and does something like this.

mitten said...

Also, don’t forget about all the great apparel and merchandise on Wear your team with pride!

jvwalt said... featuring a full line of "retro" Sonics Wear for you diehard fans in the Great Northwest!

Remember, folks, that's ShopNBA.Com! All major credit cards accepted!

Samuel said...

What a piece of sh*t. That smarmy little basta*d is going to use the threat of Ballmer/Seattle to extort new arenas out of Milwaukee, Sacramento and Memphis. Morally bankrupt little man.

Anonymous said...

Love that pic... and Adam and whoever else that guy was, semi-familiar....

Great Rally Sonics Fans!!! Wholllly crap 3000 peeeps even AFTER your team has been stolen.

No we are not dead yet.

Adam B said...

haha great picture! that other guys is my homeboy Neema, who is an established Seattle rapper and huge SOS supporter.

check out his music @